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June 26, 2013
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It was another dull day in the guild, everyone had gone out on missions so no one of interest was around. I sat lounging at the end of an old beat up bar table, staring down at my half filled cup, watching as the soda fizzed and the bubbles floated to the top. Letting out a small sigh I lifted my head, scanning the room. Mirajane was sweeping around the door way, and cana was sitting alone as well, drinking to her hearts content, whistling a tune from her head.
This place has never been so quiet... I think as i lay my head on the table. My mind races with everything that has been going on, where is everyone..why aren't they back yet..would they have liked my help? So many questions. I opened my eyes to see a dark shadow cast down on the table, rubbing my vision back i my ____ eyes look up to see a pink haired male, smiling like an idiot. "Natsu? You're back?" My eyes lit up as he sat beside me, his eyes seemed to shine brighter as he started telling me of his adventure.
"I was on another mission, and this HUGE monster came from the woods, he was stealing girls from the old village down by passer creek, I beat the heck outs him!!" He through his arms in the air as he explained how he grabbed the monster by the neck, slamming him into the ground with a barrage of fiery punches, knocking the beast out cold.
"Is that so?" I asked giggling at the boys excitement. He nodded looking down at me. A low grumble emitted from his stomach as his eyes went wide in embarrassment.
"I'm hungry..I haven't eating in hours..." He whined grabbing his stomach.
"Let me get you something, wanna go to the dinner down the street they have a whole new menu out for the new season!!"
"SURE!! LETS GO!!" He cried out, grabbing my hand, his strength easily pulling me up out of the seat. "Wait, wheres happy?"
"Oh, hes back with lucy, He wanted to stay behind with her and Carla for some reason.."
"Oh, will he be back soon? I don't want him to come back here looking for you if you won't be here..."
"Oh,. here, I'll write a note!!" He smirked grabbing a flyer from the wall behind us, scribbling down on the back of the paper before handing it off to Gramps. "Can Ya give that to happy if he comes back here?"
"sure thing..hoho..going out on a date?? I wish i had a girl, a nice young bunny chan!!"
", were getting something to eat..haha, but hey i might save you something if theirs anything left in the kitchen!"
I could feel my wallet yelling at me as he said that last sentence. Grabbing my now pounding head I let out a soft sigh, smiling to myself.
"Only you Natsu,"
"Whats that mean?"
"haha Don't worry its not bad, Im just thinking about how much it's gonna cost."
He smiled patting my back as we wondered out of the guild, on our way to the dinner.

Grabbing the menu from my hands he stared down at the many new treats and meals that had just can out.
"Why not, I did invite you here!" I smile reaching into my wallet, fishing out the money.
"hmm, I have Five hundred thirty two jewel, that should be enough for the whole menu!"
"I like the sound of that!!"
The 'date' lasted a bit longer than i had thought but I enjoyed every second of it, We shared stories of our missions and new friends we had made on the way there, and back. Everything was going great. "Hey Natsu, wanna come back to the house, I just got a new player, and wanted to know if you wanted to see this movie my cousin brought me, Its called 'Sacrifice'."
He smirked nodding his head, wiping the tea from his lips. "Yeah sounds fun!"
I smiled as i handed the waiter the money, tipping an extra ten jewel, they need to eat to you know.  We wondered outside, feeling the cool air. I shuddered a bit from the cold against my skin, it almost felt as though ice were being pressed against my flesh. Looking over to me he chuckled, taking off his muffle handing it to me. "Here, BUT GIVE IT BACK k' Its very special to me." I nodded wrapping the warm fabric around my neck as we walked back to my place.
Maybe I should start writing again haha, tell me if you guys like it k~
if so, ill keep making these,
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